Eastern Europe

Solidream in Eastern Europe

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Solidfilm n°33 : The final bouquet+

We cycled round the world. This is the final episode of our journey of three years and 54,000 km. In...

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Our wheels in the European crisis+

Perfect road surfaces, plenty of cycle paths, careful drivers, leafy public gardens,  brand new cars, two metre wide flat television...

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Summer in Europe : our trip through the Balkans+

Europe, our final continent and the closing of the circle. We leave Istanbul and its tear-gassed protesters, cross the frontier...

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A journey without motion in the heart of Istanbul+

“When two human beings meet a smile is three parts of the way to happiness.” So asserts the French writer of...

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Turkey: On the shores of The Black Sea+

Our first days in Turkey are like a foretaste of paradise. The perfectly smooth tarmac road gently hugs the coastline...

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