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Solidfilm n°5 : Solidream VS No Man’s Land+

October 2010 - We arrived at the Mauritanian border without a visa … During 5 days we will experience how much our nerves can be tested before...

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Solidfilm n°4 : Western Sahara+

October 2010 - We crossed the Sahara by bicycle. The lack of shadow make us feel better riding our bikes than stopping under the blazing sun

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SolidFilm n°3 : Morocco+

September-October 2010 - After leaving France, through Spain we arrive in Morocco for a new experience in the land of tagines …

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SolidFilm n°2 : Start–> Casablanca+

August 29, 2010 we leave France for a world tour by bicycle that will last three years and 50,000km. One of our goals is to reach the six continents going...

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