Brazil (Amazon)

Solidream cross Brazil (Amazon)

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24 hours in the noisome tropical ambience of the Amazon+

If ever there was an atmosphere that one remembers for the sheer volume of sound coming from it, it is the jungle. Using recordings we made in Amazonia we invite you to relive the experience, keeping your eyes closed. In  the  course  of  one  short  day  spent  at equatorial  level  in  the  Brazilian  jungle,  we  progress through ...

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Solidfilm n°13 : Cycling the Amazon. Transamazônica highway+

We are cycling around the world. In this part of our journey, we decided to endeavour our biggest challenge so...

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Cycling in the jungle : in the heart of the Amazon rainforest+

Since Solidream is a cycling trip around the world, we keep setting ourselves major challenges throughout our progress, like reaching...

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