Solidream is a project of dreams, challenges and solidarity we want to share. Along the way, after each new challenge, we share pictures, videos and Solidream is gets bigger and unrolls this long solidarity chain all around the world.

A lot of people ask ‘How can I help you ?’ The answer is simple and you can choose the one you like.



Donate  : 1€ = 1km

We like to say that small springs make large rivers. Each dollar we receive make us more ambitious and see things with a wider angle to plan new challenges on the way. We will keep on living with our budget goal of 8€/day (+/- 10$/day) and will use your donations to invest in photo and video equipment to make better images of our journey. Every dollar you give will be used to make the Solidream adventure bigger, and we will share it with you.


Talk about Solidream

Communication is very important in our project. Sharing our journey is one of the main goals we set : with local people of all the places we cross every day, but also thanks to Internet we can share images and articles. We would like tohare these values with as much people as possible. So you can always help us in talking to the media or simply share online our content, like this video for instance :

490 days of adventures and challenges around the world from Solidream on Vimeo.


SolidHost, Senegal, Afrique
SolidHost, Senegal, Afrique

Help us find a roof

One of the most valuable things for us are the people we meet on the go. They are our way to discover the culture of the countries we cross. We commited not to pay to sleep, so we often sleep into the wild. Sometimes though we havethe chance to be hosted at the places of our Solid’Hosts. You can help us in putting us in contact with a future SolidHost on our way.

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Share your talent

We are looking for music we have the right to use in our videos. Already 4 people are helping us : Mathilde Opinel, Florian Aulanier, Fabian Arche and Bisi Obateru who composed and played for Solidream. If you want to help us :