Solidream is a word that implies many things. It is a union of solidarity and dream, that in the words of Shakespeare means “A dream that is fulfilled.” Solidarity is a virtue that is necessary in the inception of a voyage, but even more important in its execution.

900 days of adventures and challenges around the world from Solidream on Vimeo.

Our first 490 days cycling around the world

Project goals : Challenges, dreams and solidarity

First of all we wish to endeavour a challenge, reaching extreme parts of the world with the strength of our legs, of our hearts and the elements. Sahara, Antarctica, Amazon jungle, Alaska, Australian desert or Himalayas mountains.

We want to show that it is possible to achieve your craziest dreams with determination, will and hard work. We worked during two years to build the project, and we commit to live with 8€ per day during 3 years around the world.

Finally, our final goal is to share the adventure online with our articles, pictures and videos on our website. We want to show the beauty of the world and give a positive message to the poeple following us. We want to testify that humans are good deep inside and that generosity and hospitality haves no borders.

Some questions ?

Here you’ll find some answers.

Why ?

First of all, it is a wish to fulfill a thirst of discovering the world and its people. We love to challenge ourselves out there, be free to be on the road wherever we want to. Some peple call us ‘crazy’, some others ‘lucky’.

Where are we headed?

See the detailed map of our route here.
In January and Februay 2012, we reached Antarctica onboard of the Ocean Respect sailboat. Togethere with Claude Monchaud and Daniel Gazanion, we made a one month expedition on this hostile land. In July and August 2012, we crossed the Amazon rainforest by bike, from West to East : 2500km in 40 days in the hot jungle.

How ?

We plan on using a mean of transportation that is economical, ecological and in harmony with our spirit of freedom and discovery. Bicycles will allow us to be independent, get around relatively quickly and will facilitate contact with local populations. Detail about our equipment here.

When ? 

We left France August 29th 2010. We decided  to leave at this period to avoid the difficult seasons :rainy season in Senegal, winter in Ushuaia and Alaska, anf finally monsson in Asia. But we also made this decision in order to arrive in time on the Antarctica peninsula before fall. The project will last 3 years, and we plan to beback at the end of August 2013 in Port Camargue in France, from where we left.