[Original French version here : vimeo.com/146231655]
This is a short version of a longer feature documentary. More info : english.solidream.net/solidream-aspirations-of-the-pamirs/

Solidream started with a journey cycling around the world. It is the project of a group of friends who wants to support the values of dream, challenges and solidarity in their tales, films, pictures and talks inspired by their travels.

What’s the link between three adventuring friends, young entrepreneurs from Eastern France and a Tajik community of Central Asia? Through an audacious 3,000 km adventure in the Pamir mountains, Morgan Monchaud, Siphay Vera and Brian Mathé want to show the viability of an ambitious bike concept designed by young French men, made out of bamboo stems and flax fiber. They demonstrate that crafsmanship know-how can be combined with advanced technical skills to produce great performance products. Their goal is to explore some wild summits up to 6,000 m but they also want to explore the potential of humans in this part of the world. On the road, they meet women and men that decided to take the challenge to dedicate their life to perpetuate local culture.

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