Contribute to the creation of the movie

For €20, you pre-order the DVD and your name will appear in the credits of the movie.

Prise d'image dans Death Valley, USA

Prise d’image dans Death Valley, USA

In three years, we’ve shot more than 100 hours of film about our adventure on all the continents, while sharing the adventure with thousands around the world on our website. The goal of this crowdfunding project is to present the Solidream adventure in its fullest in a long movie, leaving a unique and quality testimony that will represent the values of our association : dreams, challenges and sharing.

We have several motivations that can be summed up as is :

  • Sharing images of faraway and beautiful landscapes, unforgettable encounters, the spirit of adventure and the friendship that made us possible to live three years in promiscuity and exceptional interdependance.
  • Testify of the hospitality and generosity of the people around the world, as well as the determination and the will to tackle quirky challenges.
  • Inspire people to turn their lives into a dream, and that dream, into a reality.
  • Encourage people to open their doors and their heart to travellers of the world.
  • Offer an alternative concept for travelling : the one of visiting civilizations as equal human peers, away from touristic artifacts.


What are the funds for ?

A près de 5000m d'altitude en Bolivie

A près de 5000m d’altitude en Bolivie

Our budget is small but our ambition is big. As independant film makers, we cannot handle the production costs of a professional ambition. That’s where your help comes in, to improve quality and make us able to create a high value film : we will need to buy the necessary equipment and surround ourselves with professionals of the film industry to achieve that quality. The funds will also make us able to produce the copies of the DVDs of the film.

  • Editing : iMac coputer, hard drive, editing software license.
  • Music : acquiring music rights can be expensive. The more money we get, the best the music will be !
  • Post production : sound dubbing, colour grading (we will need a professional) and licenses for the necessary software.
  • Digital Cinema Package : it is costly to produce but will help us show the movie in theatres.
  • Pressing : the production of the DVD copies with a third-party industrial partner. The more money we get, the more we will be able to produce.


Contribute to the project

For €20, you pre-order the long version of the movie that we are working on at the moment. We hope to release the movie next fall. There you go :