Childhood friends decide to pursue their dream to go around the world and cycle 54,000 km, full of unusual challenges. Leaving with the original idea of reaching extreme parts of the globe, they face the aridity of Atacama and Australian desert, sail in the Furious Fifties and down to Antarctica, suffer from the dampness of the Amazon jungle, build a raft to paddle down the Yukon River and cross the high Bolivian plateau and the Tian Shan Mountains of Kyrgyzstan. During three years, ordeals and encounters reveal the unpredictable past of some of them. Along the road, they will learn the greatness of mankind.

Solidream deserves respect. The film is as amazing as the as the adventure. L’humeur touristique

« Solidream », a film about challenges and humanity. France TV Info


Audience Grand Prize, Festival Au Bout du Rêve, La Réunion, May 2015
Audience Grand Prize, Festival Aventure et Découverte de Val d’Isère 2015
Grand Prize, Festival du Film d’Aventure de La Rochelle 2014, see more.
Audience Grand Prize, Festival Explorimages 2014, Nice
Rising Star Award, Canada International Film Festival 2015, Vancouver (Canada)
Sir Edmund Hillary Award, Mammoth Mountain Film Festival 2015, Mammoth Lakes (USA)
Trophée Planète Vélo Aventure, Festival Ici et là-bas, Nancy, January 2016


Festival Partances, Toulouse, March 2016
Festival Les rencontres de l’aventure, Nantes, March 2016
Menar Film Festival, Sofia (Bulgaria), January 2016 ;
Festival Ici et là-bas, Nancy, January 2016
Festival du film d’aventure des Angles, January 2016
Festival des Globe-Trotters, La Ciotat, November 2015
Rencontres de l’aventure, novembre 2015, Bulle (Switzerland)
Adventure Travel Film Festival, August 2015, London
Festival Festival Au Bout du Rêve, May 2015, La Réunion
Festival Regards de Voyageurs, May 2015, Aubonne (Switzerland)
Festival Les Beaux Lieux de Passage, April 2015, Beaulieu-sur-mer
Festival Voyager Autrement, April 2015, Magné
Festival Rencontres du Bout du Monde, March 2015, Caen
Forum Vel’Osons, March 2015, Chambéry
Festival Curieux Voyageurs, March 2015, Saint-Etienne
Festival Escales Voyageuses, March 2015, Avignon
Festival Périples et Cie, March 2015, Mâcon
Festival Aux 4 Coins du Monde, February 2015, Chartres-de-Bretagne
Festival Carnets d’Aventure, February 2015, Cranves-Sales
Festival Objectif Aventure, January 2015, Paris
Festival du film d’aventure de La Rochelle, November 2014
Festival Quais du Départ, November 2014, Lyon
Festival Le Grand Bivouac, November 2014, Albertville
Avant-première : Festival des Globe-Trotters ABM, September 2014, Massy


DIRECTORS: Brian Mathé, Morgan Monchaud et Siphay Vera

WITH : Morgan Monchaud, Siphay Vera, Brian Mathé, Bertrand Dolci et Etienne Houlès

DURATION: 92 minutes

BONUS : 45 minutes



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The film’s original music has been composed by artists that we met. You can find them and listen to the tracks on that page (in French).